Head congestion? Warming socks!

Alleviate Head Congestion with Warming Socks, aka Magic Socks You’d probably never guess that a pair of wet socks could pull congestion away from your head and stimulate your immune system. Sounds like hocus-pocus promoted by a traveling charlatan, right? My skeptical mother-in-law asked when she should wave the dead chicken over her head. Want…

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Healthy Body Not Weight Loss

Strong women with an axe

You may say “I want to lose weight” but what you really mean is “I want a healthy body.” Healthy body, not weight loss. People often ask me to present a ‘Weight Loss’ talk. I, however, prefer a ‘Body Health’ discussion. Weight only describes your mass; body health, in contrast, conveys information about how your…

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Awesome human being

awesome human being

How many times have you read an article that told you the exact way that you are supposed to eat? Who has told you the way that you need to be moving in order to burn fat or to gain muscle or to lessen certain disease risks? Can you recite the recommended portion sizes for…

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Anxious? Depressed? Struggling with mood?

The Tune in to Your Body 5 Essentials can help support you! Feeling anxious or depressed affects all parts of your life. Let’s look at the support you can explore to ease your discomfort… When you work with me with a complaint of anxiety or depression, these are some of the things that you’ll consider…

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Health at Every Size

What is Health at Every Size (HAES) philosophy?

It’s the approach that I take with patients that says that someone’s weight has no assumed direct connection with their health and that they shouldn’t be discriminated against just because they live in a larger body.

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Can you feel it?

The entire world is shifting, transforming… not only in our environment, but also in our culture and our medical systems. And I think it’s about time. It can be scary, and it can be exciting. But if you keep two things in mind, it is definitely less terrifying.

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Naturopathic philosophy for these times

A friend asked how I’m doing these days and what I’m thinking about all of this… She wanted to hear how my naturopathic philosophy and the faith I have in nature (the human body, the healing power of nature, herbs, food…) are influencing how I’ve been experiencing that last 3+ months. So, here goes! I…

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