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Food is nature’s best medicine


Since my early years studying nutrition I’ve believed that food is nature’s most powerful medicine. Yet, in our overbooked, fast-paced culture, so many people have become disconnected to the important role food plays in their health, mood, pain management and overall vitality. Meals are skipped or rushed, we consistently consume things our body rejects, or we overcompensate with highly restrictive diets. Too much focus is put on the number on the scale, instead of on what or how we eat.

My passion is help you reconnect to the relationship between what you eat and how you feel. “Individualized nutrition” is an approach that blends whole-food choices, an understanding of your unique body, guidelines that align to your lifestyle, and mindfulness to optimize your body’s natural ability to digest and absorb what you feed it.

Here are the core principles I use to build an individualized nutrition plan with you.

Whole food is best

A busy lifestyle can often mean choosing foods purely out of convenience or cost—including heavily processed foods that have a lengthy shelf-life. When the majority of what you eat is whole, real, living food, your body will reward you with a healthier gut, sustained energy and even relief from chronic discomfort or pain.

Guidelines over rules

Rigid diets are tough to follow and they can put you in a stressed state. I want to empower you to have faith that your body is naturally adaptable and flexible. Together, we create general guidelines for you to eat your body’s best-fit foods. These consider your body’s blood type, food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies to reach optimum vitality. With these guidelines, your body happily finds its balance point.

You feel what you eat

All of us have been guilty of eating foods we know make us feel bad, but we eat them anyway because they taste good, or are simply convenient. I help you learn to make a conscious, mindful connection between what you eat and how you feel. Over time, this “mindful eating” empowers you to choose what your body really needs. And feel healthier and happier for it.

Rest and digest

When you eat on the go, in a rush, or while multitasking, your body actually has a much harder time digesting and absorbing what you eat. I help you learn the value of slowing down before you enjoy a meal. When you eat in a restful, conscious state, you enable your body to use every bit of what you feed it—a state of true nourishment.

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