Tune in to your body


Listen to your body

Most of us are speeding through life—with work, family, and everything in between. This puts your body in constant survival mode. It’s really tough to hear what your body is telling you in such a state. I help you make a conscious shift so you can listen, hear and respond to the signals your body sends you.


Prioritize self-care

A patient of mine once said, “pasta with red sauce gives me heartburn every time I eat it.” And I’d say, “so you don’t eat that anymore, right?” While I could visualize the tissue damage each time his body rejected that food, he couldn’t—not yet, anyway. My mission is to help you prioritize self-care daily, to choose vitality.


Abandon guilt

Finding your optimum vitality is about making conscious decisions most of the time, not every time. Yet so many of us get sidetracked with guilt, or the rigidity of “I have to do this every single day.” I want to empower you to abandon guilt, and embrace your ability to live consciously. It’s that simple, and that powerful.

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