Wellness and nutrition courses

An intuitive online classroom

My mission is to deliver a growing library of wellness courses that empower you not only to act, but to transform your health for good. All of my courses use the Thinkific online classroom because it offers an intuitive, easy-to-use experience and secure online payments

Self-paced course options

Dig into some of the most common wellness topics facing busy adults right now with our self-paced short courses. Learn on your schedule. Our growing library includes topics like whole-food nutrition, managing allergens, and how to safely boost your immune system.

Individualized, world-class support

Our signature course blends self-paced lectures with world-class live support so you walk away transformed and ready to meet your health goals naturally. Experience live coaching, interactive group forums and real-time activities across this wholistic experience.

Tune in to Your Body Signature Course

Gain powerful, personalized insight to relate any symptom you experience to its root cause. We’ll debunk common wellness assumptions, empower you with a personalized nutrition plan, and arm you with the tools you need to make simple, but powerful changes to help your body heal, naturally.


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