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Balance within Life Transitions


Food as Medicine


Allergies: Ahem, achoo, gesundheit, salud! Who? What? Why? How to deal?


Why Can't I Lose Weight Exploration Of Toxicity


Intro to Naturopathic Medicine


New Year, New You? Nah… Realistic baby steps to self-improvement


Prepare to be Pregnant

Information for not only females, but also all interested in toxicity, nutrition, & hormones



A Rose is a Rose

What Works For Me? Mary Rose Foundation

This week, Julie talks to Dr WendyLeigh White about making choices that work for you. Not anyone else. YOU. Because we are all different, and the best choice we can make is to listen to our bodies. Read more about Dr WendyLeigh and listen to another great podcast!

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The Kitchen Table with Alicia Brown

... a holistic view of the body and how it functions supports our journey to heal the relationships we have with food and our body.

✨ How the overemphasis of food and body places a charge on those elements that diminishes our overall confidence and sense of wellbeing in other areas.

✨ The importance of reaching some level of foundational stability when it comes to our health before unpacking our relationships with food and body.

✨ How ACES (Adverse Childhood Events Study) has shown that trauma earlier in life increases our susceptibility to chronic disease.

✨ How to get connected with your body and learn to listen to it…


Skinterview with Naturopathic Doctor, WendyLeigh White

Tune in to WendyLeigh's skinterview to learn about: 1) naturopathy as a healing modality 2) hydrotherapy for healing 3) the food-skin connection 4) WendyLeigh's top skincare tips, and more!

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The Balance is in YOU!

We talk about menopause in more detail in this podcast. I share what the non-diet approach is and why moving towards health is what I advise.

We believe in living your best life possible, which means feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally. Our goal is for you to have all of these things so you can enjoy your life more fully—the natural way. Tune in to this podcast today because you deserve it!

WendyLeigh White IG Awake and Thriving

Awake and Thriving Podcast

Listen in to learn the importance of listening to your body to understand your stress levels and how they’re impacting you. You will also learn the benefits of living in alignment with your design to feel and live better.

Hello my label is HUMAN

Listen as Emily Purry and I talk about naturopathic medicine. We talk about all things from equity, education, and living in larger bodies. 

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'Eating Enlightenment is devoted to helping those suffering from an eating disorder like binge eating by connecting their emotions and digestive tract through mindfulness practices. This channel will show you how to reconnect with yourself, master your emotions, and find peace within food. The videos are created by Jared (the host), who has a degree in counseling as well as being a certified intuitive eating counselor! Watch Eating Enlightenment to understand how the mind-body connection can heal binge eating. You will be learning about your body, stress response patterns and emotional triggers that affect our experiences with food. This channel is a breath of fresh air and an excellent resource for those who have struggled with their relationship to food in the past.

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Featured NESH Alumna: WendyLeigh White ND