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I work with men, women and children, in person, in the greater Portland, Oregon area.


You know your body better than any healthcare provider can

That’s why I work in partnership with you to help uncover the root cause of your chronic health problems, pain, discomfort, or simply to help you optimize your health and vitality. I use integrative medicine to help restore your health — an individualized, whole-food nutrition plan is a central theme across my work. I also draw on homeopathy, lifestyle recommendations, and botanical medicines.

I particularly enjoy working with patients who struggle with allergies, gastrointestinal issues or their relationship to food. And, I have unique expertise helping women prepare their bodies for pregnancy through improved nutrition, decreased toxicity and improved hormonal balance.

I work alongside a talented team of multidisciplinary practitioners at Portland Natural Medicine, located in inner Southeast Portland, Oregon. For new patients, our first session is 90-minutes, allowing us ample time to get to know one another, and for me to learn as much as possible about your personal health history, lifestyle, nutrition plan and health goals. I look forward to working with you!

at Portland Natural Medicine

516 SE Morrison Street, Suite 207
Portland OR 97214


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Dr Wendy Leigh H White ND, LLC at Portland Natural Health

1221 Se Madison Street
Portland OR 97214


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at Portland Natural Health
1221 SE Madison Street
Portland OR 97214

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