What I’ve been reading…

Over the last few years, with my life being filled with prep for, moving to, and settling into Oregon, I haven’t made much time...

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Summer Sun Safety

We need sunshine to make vitamin D, yet, we hear so much about the danger of too much sun radiation contributing to an increase...

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Individualized Nutrition

Like many naturopathic doctors, I firmly believe that there is not one way that all people should eat to optimize health.  There...

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Your doctor is a patient, too

I’m relieved to say that it all works out in the end. I share this so that you know that I, too, understand what it’s like to be...

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Better nutrition

Taking the mystery out of eating well Here are some basic guidelines for better nutrition… Making healthier life choices can be...

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Loving yourself

February is the month of love! I challenge you to show YOURSELF love this Valentine's Day. Rather than just loving and being...

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