Everyday choices DO make a difference!

May 6, 2021

I attended an AWESOME continuing education conference this past weekend with the topic of viruses and vaccines (current events focused).

The speaker was someone that I trust greatly (she was the person who recruited me to teach at NUNM a handful of years ago), Heather Zwickey, PhD (immunologist).

The course, as a whole, covered the history of vaccination and infectious disease, immunology review, and then all sorts of research and stats about our current health concerns – both natural and jab-related.

Here are some websites that she shared as her favorite, trusted information sources:

We also talked A LOT about all of the factors that help us to be more resilient to illness, both acute and chronic.

Overall, this is where I feel comfortable sharing details as they are what you and I and all humans are able to control or make changes in – our choices in life.

And, as you’ll see below,

these everyday choices DO make a difference in our overall health and disease risks.

Remember the teacup analogy of inflammation – review here, if not.


This is not about living in a rigid, torturous life with no pleasure and no fun!

This is about changing little things every day that allow you to live your best life,

with all the pleasure included!

You can make everyday lifestyle choices to decrease your irritation and inflammation in order to

    • increase your metabolic health (balanced lipids, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugar regulation)
    • decrease your risk of illness (heart disease, diabetes, stroke, infection, …)

What contributes to chronic inflammation (as organized through my Tune in to Your Body 5 essentials framework)?

  • BALANCE your nervous system: stress/anxiety
  • MOVE: unresolved injury, stagnation
  • NOURISH: food sensitivities, inflammatory foods
  • CHOOSE: lack of quality sleep, periodontitis, undiagnosed infection
  • CONNECT: bacteria in/on you, aka your microbiome

What influences your microbiome? Age and health status and the following (again, as organized through my Tune in to Your Body 5 essentials framework)

  • BALANCE: stress level
  • MOVE: movement
  • NOURISH: breastfed or formula-fed, type of diet (meat, veg, omnivore), preservatives in food, probiotic supplementation, fermented foods
  • CHOOSE: pets, live on a farm, urban or suburban or rural, your birth (vaginal or surgical), antibiotic use history, other pharmaceutical use, chemical exposure
  • CONNECT: close relationships with humans and nature

How does what happening in our current health events and the above info relate?

You can influence your health status and risk by how you live!!! Please, read that again. This does not mean that when you develop an acute or chronic illness that it is your fault – it is not. We are humans, not robots, and our system is meant to mount a response when needed as a learning experience, as a cleaning house experience. Support it; you’ll be stronger for it.

So, what can you do if you choose to get jabbed or if you choose not to? I can’t say here.

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