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Narrow mainstream media, medicine worldview

Aug 12, 2021

The narrow mainstream media and medicine worldview drains me. I’m tired of hearing so much about “us” against “them” in politics, medicine, finances, social standing, etc. I never quite fall in either extreme category which makes me feel like a leper all around. We are designed as social creatures, so what others think about us really can affect our well-being.

Why have we been so quick to assume that we are right, others are wrong, and that there’s no other way to see the world? Fear. Fear puts our nervous system into threat mode, which makes us hyper-reactive. Our media feeds on fear as to motivate us to stay tuned for the latest update… Bad cycle.

My nervous system feels raw. Yours? The world often seems too much. And, before you jump in with questions about lifestyle and self-care, the answer is “yes, I am taking care of myself.” I neglected movement for a while after I started my new job but that’s now back on board. To support my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health, I also:

  • eat in a way that nourishes me, most of the time
  • sleep around 8-9 hrs/ night
  • move my body with walking, yoga, hiking, and gardening
  • spend time with loved ones, both two-legged and four-
  • meditate and enjoy quiet time, fun, and nature
  • talk with my therapist regularly
  • get acupuncture or bodywork regularly
  • set boundaries for my research into all of this – limited to my working hours – no nights or weekends.

And, still, I am overwhelmed and frustrated by the narrow mainstream media and medicine worldview: that the not-completely-tested, approved-for-emergency-use-only vaccination is the ONLY option that will save the world with respect to SARS-CoV-2. And, what’s worse? When I suggest that there are other options, people shut down, label me crazy, and don’t want to be open to different viewpoints.


creating hypotheses and modifying them as new information becomes available.

I am a doctor and a scientist – I explore, learn, consider all options,

and change my opinion as I grow.

I don’t exist in my own echo chamber;

I engage with all perspectives.


We know that we can find information from mainstream sources, and some of these differ from each other:

  • US Food & Drug Administration, FDA
  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, CDC
  • World Health Organization, WHO

It was super hard at the start of 2020 to find any information that was in addition to the mainstream story. That’s gotten better, but it has taken lots of looking! Many people who have been talking of varying options have been removed from social media and YouTube. They’ve been forced to go elsewhere (BitChute and others). Where am I turning for support and information to balance mainstream media and medicine? Keep reading!

I’m NOT saying that I agree with 100% of the information that can be found in any of these sites, but that’s the point. I can take what aligns with my ideals, and work with it. I can consider what doesn’t seem to align, to reframe and see if there’s something that I’m not seeing in their beliefs that could provide insight. Or I could disagree and leave it at that. Critical thinking at its best.


  • *READ THIS!* Dr Sharon Stills, ND articulates this same perspective so well, “What if CNN had reported something like this? There is a new Virus on the block. We are just learning about it and will keep you posted as we learn more. In the meantime, we understand that a strong healthy immune system is the best defense against anything so if you have not been taking care of yourself now is the time to start! Basic lifestyle measures should be taken. Stay hydrated, eat healthy organic foods, move your body, and get enough sleep every night. Have your vitamin D levels checked -they should be between 80-90 for optimal virus protection. Remember that fear lowers your immune system so start off your day with a list of 5 things you are grateful for. There is ample early data showing us that Vitamin C, Vitamin D with Vitamin K2, Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamin A, Andrographis, and Melatonin are all-natural items that can protect you from the virus… continue to live your lives knowing that if you catch the virus, it will most likely be mild and that catching, experiencing, and recovering from the virus is the best protection you can get and will help contribute to herd immunity.”
  • Physicians for Informed Consent
  • Dr Richard Fleming and the Fleming Method
  • Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. Am I prescribing ivermectin? Yes (in Oregon only), for early treatment, in addition to all of my other naturopathic medical supports…
  • Dr Lee Merritt
  • Del Bigtree and The Highwire
  • Dr Robert Malone

One last thought…

A big argument against natural medicine is that the things that we may suggest do not have double-blind, placebo-controlled studies behind them to prove that they can help prevent or treat the symptoms of a SARS-CoV-2 infection. I believe in my knowledge of how your body works – I have history and experience with natural medicine with respect to flu and colds. Some anti-virals are general anti-virals. Increase your resiliency and the outcome will be more positive.

So, that’s where I stand these days, ever-evolving. Please, reach out of you have questions or need support. I’m here to serve your highest good.

NONE of you should feel like a leper for the choices that you are making.