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My journey to become a doctor and educator

My journey to become a Naturopathic Doctor started at a pivotal time in my life. I’d been a sickly kid and teen, and was an even sicklier college student. By the time I started graduate school, on track for a career in Food Science, I’d tested positive to dozens of food allergens. Even after eliminating these foods from my life, my body continued to protest. I became underweight, and I suffered from chronic depression, fatigue and debilitating migraines.

This had become my normal. After seeing several mainstream doctors, I found myself at a crossroads.

Doctor after doctor told me there was “nothing wrong with you,” which I intuitively knew couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A turning point

Things went from bad to worse. I’d started a job at an international food company, was newly married and planning to start a family. But, my quality of life was dire. Every day I dealt with discomfort, digestive and hormonal dysfunction, and depression. I knew I had to take control of my health, and that meant uncovering the root cause of what was really going on with my body.

That’s when I had my first experience with a Naturopathic Doctor. For the first time, I was with a doctor who took time to really listen, to understand what was going on in my body wholistically, instead of jumping to prescriptive solutions that simply masked my symptoms.

My ND validated something my intuition (and my nutrition training) had been telling me all along — that food, rather than medication, is nature’s most powerful medicine.

This was the first time a physician helped me understand the interconnection between all of the factors that were affecting my health. And, more importantly, how what I put into my body could help it heal, naturally. In taking charge of my own health, I realized the course of the rest of my life. I returned to school and have been a licensed ND using food as medicine for over 10 years.

Custom Talk

Bring my custom talks to your group

Build an engaged workforce with the tools to support personal wellness with my custom talks. Bring a single presentation or a course series aimed at education to help employees overcome chronic issues and discomfort naturally.


Your body is your life, tune in

Few of us have been taught to understand the interconnected systems of our body — that’s the very reason I struggled to uncover the root of my chronic health problems earlier in my life. We’ve become accustomed to mask our symptoms rather than understand their source.

My fundamental belief is that you know your body better than any healthcare provider ever can.

Your body already has the essential building blocks to heal. My job is to help you tune in to the signals it’s sending you so you can respond, gain relief from chronic conditions and achieve optimum vitality. Throughout my blog articles, guest interviews, and online wellness courses, the topics of individualized nutrition, finding balance, and integrating mindfulness are common themes.

Living a life of vitality requires balance. When I’m not working with patients and clients, I’m a mom to my adult daughter Alex, wife to Pete, and grieving pet-mom to our Golden Retriever-Saluki mix, Casey who past early 2022 at the age of 14. I also love to spend downtime outside, read fiction (the Outlander series has been the favorite for years!), and sing soprano with a yet-to-be-discovered future chorus.


Everyday lessons in vitality

Across my blog articles, I explore some of the most common questions and challenges my patients and students share with me. Using everyday stories and digestible science, gain new tools and insight that you can apply to your life and health.


Experiential wellness courses

My online wellness and nutrition courses help you take control of your health. By simplifying the science of our body’s integrated systems, and engaging you in real-time application, I empower you to tune in and give your body what it needs to reach optimum vitality.


An inviting presence

Join me as a telemedicine patient (CT, OR, WA) and receive your Tune in to Your Body treatment plan to support getting to the root cause of your chronic issues. Or, for you in other states, please contact me to discuss telehealth consulting!