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Does food and eating create stress and tension?

Oct 19, 2020

Yes? You’re not alone! That’s why I work with the psychology of eating and a non-diet approach… Click the text link below to watch my latest posted video… Or, if you don’t like YouTube or videos, keep reading 🙂

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Does food create worry and tension?


Does food make you tense? Have you been told by this person or that person that you should eat this way? Or you’re supposed to eat that way? And this is how you should feel or are supposed to feel after any given meal?

That can be incredibly frustrating! You are disempowered when you follow others’ rules – it disconnects you from what your own experience is and encourages you to rely on external rules, and whether you’ve been told that gluten is bad or diary is bad; that you should be vegetarian, you should eat meat, be eating high protein… Whether it’s been a nutritionist a dietician, a doctor, a health coach, whoever it is – a personal trainer – they’re relying on external rules.

Your body knows better – better than I do, better than anyone.


Any external rules about food often create stress, tension, guilt, and/or judgment. Food is designed to nourish us in mind, body, and spirit. Feeling stress when you eat means you’re not being nourished on all levels- mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. If you’re not feeling nourished, then there’s a disconnect. I’d like to help re-connect that disconnect. I’d like to help you tune in to feel as though you can get a gut feel about what works for you and what doesn’t.

None of us needs to be perfect. We are human beings, we have built-in resiliency. There does not have to be any ‘nevers’ in your food choices. Instead, an awareness of what your internal guides are telling you so that you can then feel comfortable and confident in picking your food choices. No stress – this is about nourishing, receiving, taking in…

If you are experiencing a lot of stress and tension around food, I’m the person for you to see.


The reason I got into the psychology of eating with more of a non-diet approach is this: I can’t tell you how many people in the last 12 years of my practicing have come into my office, all stressed out, super anxious because they just felt like they couldn’t eat anything anymore. So and so had taken this away and so and so had taken that away. This resulted in their living on very limited choices, very low variety, super high stress, and they just couldn’t take it anymore. Food and eating weren’t fun. It wasn’t social, it didn’t nourish them on any level. And that’s just not okay!

How my approach differs is that I use your experience, your bloodwork, and your blood type to guide you to a starting spot where I believe you’ll feel well. Add in some deep belly breathing before meals to encourage the body to receive the nutrients (you don’t really receive nutrients if you’re all stressed out). And at that starting spot is when you and your body and your wisdom take over. I’m just the guide. I’ve got a lot of education and a lot of experience, but you still know your body better than I do. I simply provide a starting spot. And we continue the learning process of what works for you what doesn’t. Your body lets you know when it’s working and when it isn’t.

When gut/digestive tract healing is the priority then, most likely, those foods are no longer offenders, they don’t irritate you anymore because the healing has happened.


So if you have been on a food sensitivity diet for longer than a handful of months or so, that’s too long you need to focus on the gut healing. And then trust that your body has made progress, and you’re going to be less reactive. Of course, there are some of us who are outliers, those of us who have a reactive immune system, some autoimmune tendencies, etc. for whom food sensitivities might be a longer discussion (I’m one of them)… But for the average person that is not the case, in my experience.

If you have been struggling, trying to keep on this very strict therapeutic diet for longer than a handful of months, and there was no discussion about digestive tract healing and faith that your body is amazing, then please come see me to explore something different.


You are amazing! Food should not be stressful! No external rules of how you need to nourish your body; your body knows what it needs. Let me help you connect to it, to tune in to it, and to hear what it’s telling you. Them, you’ll be able to respond appropriately,.

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Let’s talk about this, let’s support you to ease the tension and the worry about food.

Food is meant to be nourishing not stressful.