Naturopathic philosophy for these times

May 29, 2020

A friend asked how I’m doing these days and what I’m thinking about all of this… She wanted to hear how my naturopathic philosophy and the faith I have in nature (the human body, the healing power of nature, herbs, food…) are influencing how I’ve been experiencing that last 3+ months.

So, here goes!

I definitely get overwhelmed. One of my default states is feeling powerless and stuck which can trigger overwhelm and paralysis. Knowing that I’ve been practicing using my tools of gratitude, breath, movement, connection, etc. to help coax my nervous system to move towards safety and action.

In this time, what I have been paying attention to, what I’d love for you to pay attention to, are all of the choices that exist in life, each moment of each day that you DO have. We all know that there are plenty of things that we don’t have control over and if we focus there, that can start our powerless shift into overwhelm and being stuck. Let’s spend more time in making gratitude lists and increasing awareness about choices that we do have access to. Choices in your food, your level of hydration, your movement, your mindset, for your nervous system, your relationships, and connections, your sleep, your priorities in life; i.e. everything that’s internal, everything that you can be motivated to make a decision about. How well do you translate your values to your calendar?

I know that this can be a privileged position to take – some of us have more freedom to choose in our lives than others. AND, we can all choose how we see the world and feel empowered to make the choices that we can and accept the ones we can’t (and the wisdom to know the difference, right?).

I’m not expecting anything to swoop in and ‘save’ us.

Let’s switch away from the mainstream story – let’s focus on what we have the power to influence: ourselves. I’m suggesting that you make life choices that build yourself up, make you stronger and more resilient! Everything that I talk about, write about, and record is to give you more tools and confidence in doing just that.

What can you do right now?

  • Take time to reflect and see where you can be more active in making choices that support you and make you stronger and more resilient
  • Listen to the recordings of my Tune in to Your Body webinar
  • Make time to prioritize getting enough sleep
  • Get outside with bare skin and make Vitamin D from the sunshine!
  • Move your body in whatever way feels good, every day
  • Connect with loved ones regularly
  • Soothe yourself and healthy ways (try to minimize alcohol, caffeine)

Reach out if I can be of service.