Everyday choices DO make a difference!

I attended an AWESOME continuing education conference this past weekend with the topic of viruses and vaccines (current events focused). The speaker was someone that I trust greatly (she was the person who recruited me to teach at NUNM a handful of years ago), Heather Zwickey, PhD (immunologist). The course, as a whole, covered the…

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Health at Every Size

What is Health at Every Size (HAES) philosophy?

It’s the approach that I take with patients that says that someone’s weight has no assumed direct connection with their health and that they shouldn’t be discriminated against just because they live in a larger body.

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Can you feel it?

The entire world is shifting, transforming… not only in our environment, but also in our culture and our medical systems. And I think it’s about time. It can be scary, and it can be exciting. But if you keep two things in mind, it is definitely less terrifying.

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