Everyday choices DO make a difference!

I attended an AWESOME continuing education conference this past weekend with the topic of viruses and vaccines (current events focused). The speaker was someone that I trust greatly (she was the person who recruited me to teach at NUNM a handful of years ago), Heather Zwickey, PhD (immunologist). The course, as a whole, covered the…

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Recipe: Fire Cider!

Fire cider

Support your digestive and immune systems right now with yummy Fire Cider! I have been meaning to make fire cider for YEARS!! Why finally now? I’m home, looking for ways to support my self and my hubby, Pete through this crazy pandemic time. So, I dug out the email from Beverly Lewis from 2016 🙂…

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Your whole you, Nourish, part 1 of 6

You are a mental/emotional/spiritual being in a physical body. Are you tending to all aspects of you? Pause and take some time to reflect on each one the following. I’ll be addressing one key element of your life per blog over the next few weeks. When you attend to these foundational lifestyle factors, your body…

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