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Your whole you, part 5 of 7 – relationship with self

Apr 14, 2020

Why am I doing this series again? To support you. To encourage you to live your best life – making more choices every day that support you rather than bring you down. I want you to make more educated decisions about your choices in life. And, I’d like to be your cheerleader around tuning in to your body and learning more about what it needs as an individual. Sure, supplements can provide added support, but it is the choices that we make day in and day out in life that make us resilient and strong. When you attend to these foundational lifestyle factors, your body is more likely to feel stronger, healthier and ready to overcome whatever it may need to!

External vs Internal Focus

So much of our culture has been focusing on fighting the virus, waiting for a vaccine to ‘save’ us, etc. I encourage you to focus internally, not externally. Support your immune system, your nervous system, your circulatory system… Don’t wait for an outside force to swoop in and save you. You have the power yourself – let that be the mantra that guides you through your choices today. “I have the power within me.” This doesn’t mean that you won’t get sick; it just means that you’ll be at your best when you do.

Are you tending to all aspects of you and your environment? You are a mental/emotional/spiritual being in a physical body; take some time to reflect on all aspects of you. I’ll be addressing one per email over the next few weeks (for Tues and Fri delivery).

When you attend to these foundational lifestyle factors, your body is more likely to feel stronger, healthier and ready to overcome whatever it may need to!

  1. Nourishment, hydration
  2. Movement
  3. Sleep
  4. Clean living (your environment)
  5. Relationship with yourself
  6. Relationship with others
  7. Relationship with something

Relationship with yourself

This may be uncomfortable – time alone with yourself, paying attention. It’s only when you are paying attention that you can really hear what your body/mind/spirit is saying. It’s hard to listen when you are in ‘go-go-go’ mode, when you are running around in every direction living your ‘normal’ life. So, this time we’re in now is an opportunity to sit with yourself and listen. What does your body need more of? What would it feel better with less of? Not to serve any ‘should’ rules but to guide you to live in a way that you’d like to live.

When we sit with ourselves, our past traumas (anything that we couldn’t fully process and integrate at the time) may arise. I really do recommend that everyone develop a trusted relationship with a therapist or counselor to integrate all of your experiences.

Not quite sure how to calm your nervous system down enough to be able to sit and listen?

Here are some ideas for you to try.

Belly breathing helps you to transition from sympathetic nervous system (stress mode; fight, flight, or freeze) towards parasympathetic nervous system mode (rest & digest).

Mindful meditation brings your attention to your body, your breath, and the present moment.

Calming teas: chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint What is your favorite that you feel soothes you?

If you feel frustrated with your inability to come out of stress mode into quiet mode, that’s where I can help individualize your support with homeopathy, herbs, lifestyle medicine. Schedule an appointment with me to get started!

For the next few days,

Sit with yourself,
doing nothing, just being…


Experiment with different meditation apps – most have a free offering –

Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer, Ten Percent Happier, etc…