Humans need support.

Needing more support in your journey?

Nov 19, 2018

Treatment plan too daunting?

Not enough support on your journey to get it all done? Here are some suggestions…

  • First, know that you are worth the investment. Don’t prioritize everyone and everything else above yourself.
  • Take small, incremental steps towards making healthier choices. If you need to invest too much energy all at once, the process is likely not sustainable. You’ll fizzle out and revert back to old habits that contributed to your current state in the first place.
  • Make sure that you are being open and honest with your healthcare provider when the ‘homework’ seems too daunting. There are so many ways we can approach supporting you – give us feedback so we can tailor your plan to what you can fit into your current life’s rhythm.
  • This is all a process and we are all human – cut yourself some slack! Would you be as hard on a child as you’re being on yourself?
  • Post your treatment plan (aka, homework sheet) in plain sight so that you are often reminded of what things are being incorporated into your new daily routine.
  • Find a friend, partner, etc. who’s willing to encourage you on this path.
  • Creating new habits takes time – repetition is helpful!
  • Take advantage of supportive resources
    • Keep a journal that can remind you of the progress you’re making and how you feel about that progress.
    • Set reminders on your phone to message your practitioner with updates or challenges as they request so that you remember to reach out for added support.
    • For those of you who are already patients receiving your supplements through Fullscript (supplement distributor), set up reminders or utilize autoship that sends you refills each time you’re due, based on your current treatment plan.
    • Leave yourself notes where they’d be helpful. For example, a note near your morning alarm to remind you to start your day with 3-5 deep belly breaths; a note placed on the refrigerator to remind you to take your fish oil, mid-meal.

Yes, designing your life to encourage health and vitality can be effort.

The key is to have supports in place to make that effort manageable and not stressful. I want each of your days to be about living, not just surviving; you are worth that. Support yourself on your journey!