Rethink new year resolutions

Jan 1, 2018

New Year Resolutions?

Nah! Reframe your thinking.

I want to challenge the concept of New Year resolutions. How many of them actually get put into action, fulfilled, and then last? Not many, I think. Here are my thoughts as to why…

First, winter is a time for hunkering down.

Our bodies need more sleep; we have less ‘oomph’ for major life changes. We’re spending energy to stay warm, not turn our lives upside down with resolutions! Spring, on the other hand, is the time of potential energy that invigorates us and gives us renewed hope of fresh beginnings. When in the year do you feel your best and most energetic? The answer to this question is the time for you to focus on committing to major life changes. Perhaps your new year resolutions do not have to start in January?

If you still feel the need to challenge yourself and make resolutions this month, consider phrasing them in the present tense and be specific.

“I sleep at least 8 hours per night.” rather than “I will sleep more each night this year.” The present tense makes it real and actionable in this very day or week. New year resolutions should be specific. Make it tangible, not airy and hypothetical, but something you can put on your calendar and make happen right now.

Tune in to your body to take more action

We all have information that we do nothing with: eat more vegetables, move your body regularly, sleep at least 8 hrs a day, etc. But, it takes that internal drive to move you to action. If you seem to be lacking that motivational piece, look into why. Tune in to your body, spend time with yourself, pay attention to your feelings, identify sensations in your body that could be clues. Look to your licensed naturopathic doctor (me!), a good therapist, yoga instructor, religious figure, etc. for guidance. Let me know if a trusted recommendation is needed.


May the entirety of the year (not just the first month of intention) bring abundant blessings to us all!