Constitutional hydrotherapy treatments counteract stress by calming the nervous system, regulating digestion, and boosting immune function.

HydrotherapyThe pace and demands of our lives often leave our bodies in a stressed mode of “fight or flight” for too long. This may prevent the body from absorbing nutrients, healing, and recovering from injuries. Constitutional hydrotherapy treatments counteract this stress response by enhancing the function of the calming aspect of the nervous system, regulating digestion and absorption of nutrients, and boosting immune function.

In a Constitutional Hydrotherapy treatment, alternating hot and cold wet towels are applied to the front, then the back, of the upper body. This improves blood and lymph circulation and metabolism in the digestive organs. It also increases the amount of oxygen in the blood stream. Constitutional Hydrotherapy is an effective therapy for not only stimulating the immune system, but also achieving total body detoxification. It has been used for years to detoxify patients with heavy metal exposure, pesticide/herbicide toxicity, and daily toxic buildup from improper diet and lifestyle.

What is a typical Constitutional Hydrotherapy treatment like?

A patient arrives in the office and vital signs are taken. The patient then disrobes from the waist up to lie on their back, wrapped in sheets, on the examination table. A hot towel is placed on the abdomen and chest; the patient is wrapped in cotton and wool blankets for 10 minutes. The hot towel is then replaced with a cold towel. The patient is again wrapped, until the towel is warmed by the body. The patient is flipped over to her stomach and the procedure is repeated. The treatment ends with repeated vital signs.

What does a patient experience during and after the Constitutional Hydrotherapy treatment?

During a treatment, people relax and may even doze off to sleep. After a treatment, most people feel relaxed, yet rejuvenated. Some patients feel energized and ready to go out into their day; others feel ready for a nap.

How long does a Constitutional Hydrotherapy treatment last?

The complete treatment typically takes about one hour.

How often is it performed?

Constitutional hydrotherapy should be repeated at least weekly for several weeks to cumulatively increase and strengthen the body’s response. This therapy can also be used acutely to ward off an oncoming cold or other illness. The total number of treatments is dependent upon a patient’s specific needs, their unique response, and the physician’s judgment.

Can I combine Constitutional Hydrotherapy treatment with other therapies?

Yes, constitutional hydrotherapy works alongside other naturopathic therapies (changes in diet, homeopathy, biolymphatic drainage) to increase their effectiveness.