Naturopathic Healthcare FAQ

Answers to Your Naturopathic Healthcare Questions

Making an informed choice about naturopathic healthcare depends on asking the right questions. 

Is a naturopathic doctor or physician a "real" doctor?

Yes, we are licensed to diagnose and treat by the state of Connecticut.

Does naturopathic medicine treat my condition?

Naturopathic medicine is effective for many different acute and chronic conditions. We have experience using a variety of treatment options to help individuals feel their best. Call our office to discuss any specific questions you have regarding your health.

What are the similarities and/or differences between naturopathic versus conventional medicine?

Naturopathic doctors are trained at an accredited four-year medical school in clinical, physical, and laboratory diagnosis, similar to that of a conventional physician. The major difference between a naturopathic and a conventional physician is the philosophy and the practice of medicine. Rather than focusing on treating or suppressing a set of symptoms, naturopathic doctors treat the root cause of these symptoms while supporting the natural healing process of the body. Naturopathic doctors respect your need to feel heard and valued; we take the time to listen and establish a long-term, caring relationship with every patient.

Will I have to take up exercise, change my diet, and take pills?

You are guided to an awareness of a healthier lifestyle that includes information about how you can get in shape and get more nutrients from your diet. Nutritional supplements to make your body feel better may be recommended. You are a more informed patient, ready to take control of your personal health, and able to reverse your personal health challenges. You’ll find that focusing on the addition of healthy lifestyle options instead of elimination of poor life choices works really well. For example, instead of unwinding at the end of the day by watching TV, walk on the treadmill while enjoying your favorite TV show.

What can I expect on my first visit?

An initial office visit lasts about 90 minutes and consists of a complete health history, medication and supplement review, and pertinent physical exams. From the beginning of our work together, we create a clear vision for your health goals and a plan for how to achieve that vision. It is important for us to maintain ongoing communication of your needs and your goals. You will always have a very specific treatment plan that consists of dietary recommendations, supplements, and lifestyle modifications.

What type of laboratory testing is offered?

This will depend on your individual need. If you have had previous lab work done, please bring a copy with you to your first visit. In addition to a set of basic blood work, the doctor may request specialized tests that help to illuminate the cause of an imbalance. Some examples of these tests include a micro-nutrient test, an Adrenal Stress Index, Comprehensive Metabolic Profile, and others. These will be discussed in more detail during your visits, if needed.

What about insurance coverage?

Dr. White and Dr. Manning choose to be out-of-network providers for all insurance companies. We ask for payment at time of service; you will be provided coded receipts for submission directly to your insurance company for reimbursement. A Sliding Scale Fee based on family size and income is available for those who qualify.